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dON's playing with codes everyday, almost no chance of errors. Maximum numbers of the Development platform, weare flowless. Conversion of PSD to HTML / PHP / CMS Platform type of tasks comfortably deployed. so, what are you waiting for ? Ultimate support for 24*7. Get Your's .

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Fly High, Jump the Sky with dON's.

We have a great plan for all our Darbhangiya's in transporting them from darbhanga to 'X' Place. You can also picked up from nearest location of Darbhanga on availability.Geninue amount Guaranteed. You Check with Others, but that will totally time loss. so what are you waiting for. Block Dates .

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dON's @ Full time Freelancing

Yes, you understand right. dON's or you can call him "NightAngel" work absolutely remotely. No time limit of working hours untill work reach it's day beyond limit. Full time freelancing is a art, & we draw it daily.Sharpen Work - Soft to eyes. Show ne How

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We are providing to advertise our buisness to sell and earn grow by giving your details to the customer by our own Digital Platforms. Promoting Your buiness in Your area on each eyes.Please Contact us for an adventerous world of Digital Market. Exciting

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Our role is small but very significant as we develop landing pages, websites, blogs and emails for CMS that will give you a completely fresh and new experience for all your web development projects. Schedule Your Project

Welcome to dEETANGI sOLUTIONS. We have the right mantra to convert your designs into fully & multi functional websites, blogs, landing pages or email templates. Our designers are equipped with the skills and experience to develop your marketing instruments with precision. Our expertise enables agencies to focus more on delivering better returns to their customers through their inbound marketing campaigns. Demo Layout - Demo Layout 2

At dEETANGI sOLUTIONS, we understand how tough it gets when you have to edit a hard-code that’s embedded into any CMS or any HTML editor Page. This diminishes the flexibility and requires the help of professional developers. With the help of many CMS like HubSpot, Wordpress, Zoomla, Shopify etc, it is now possible to make changes on the website without any programming skills. Once dEETANGI sOLUTIONS delivers your website, you will not have to worry about possessing coding skills as the end product will be 100% flexible. You will not have to rely on the developers to implement any change on your website as you will have full control and total peace of mind.

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SD Xpress specializes in website development. We have dedicated a lot of time and effort to develop our qualifications in creating comprehensive web pages which engage visitors, convert prospects, and simply delight your customers.


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We bring peace and calm to all CMS web development projects. Every single piece of work that we do starts with our collaboration with clients. We work collaboratively with you breaking down your brief that informs our entire strategy. This proposition, this spark, allows us to create beautiful and functional CMS web templates, ensuring the end result is not only engaging, but effective. Below are a few examples of what we have done.



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